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Hi and welcome to Sassy's gosh darn good page!! Isn't it gosh darn good? SAY YES!!!! Actually I was just trying out this little Tripod Quickie Page thing, which is really lame. Why don't people just learn HTML by themselves and create a page just the way they want it? I think that would be much EASIER!!! What's with that stupid "Funkified" font style? Strange...but kinda kewl. :) I'm such a little hipocrit. Donn't know how to spell that word.. Well there's nothing on this stupid page so if you want to you can go back to my AWESOME page at sarassupersite! So go there, ya hear?

Sara Swartzendruber
4983 Fullpail Lane
West Bend, WI 53095
U S of A

Sassy's Gosh Darn Good Page!!!

My Super-duper List of Links

Sara's SUper Site
why, this is my super duper page!!!!
d a i s y
my new super duper page! it's not all that super duper yet, but it sure will be!
do you have to ask??
NBC (have you noticed I just put the shortest url's I can think of?)